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Our dedicated Sure Sell service is designed to take the hassle out of selling privately. We can take care of just about everything - and pay you promptly.

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  • Get 24/7 real-time inventory tracking
  • Free valuation
  • RTA Approvals and documentation
  • Get cash for your car quick
  • Great option if you are leaving the country & need to sell your car quickly
  • Perfect alternative to time-consuming and tiring advertisements

Buy or sell used cars at the leading Live Car Auction in the UAE.

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Since 2008, Pioneer Auctions has been involved in car & vehicle auctions in Dubai & the UAE. Checkout the latest vehicles for Auction at the Pioneer Auctions Showroom or register to participate in Live & Online Auctions.

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We just got a shipment of over 70 new cars that are looking for their owners. Send us your details and we'll sell your car too!

Other ways to sell your used car in Dubai

Sell your used-car on listing websites

  1. No guarantee of a sale
  2. Can take a long time
  3. The cost of listing your car 
  4. Dealers pretend to be end-users
  5. Fussy buyers!

Dubai has plenty of used car listing websites to choose from where you can register your car and hope someone finds your vehicle. The major issue here is attracting people to your listing. There is no guarantee of a sale and sometimes this route can take a lot of time.

Some downfalls to listing websites

Sell your used-car direct to dealers

  1. Poor service
  2. Payment and transfer processes can take time
  3. Delays in paperwork
  4. Lower price for your car

Selling your used-car to dealers can be a great way to offload your vehicle quickly. But beware, you will be getting MUCH LESS for your car than if you sold privately or at an auction. You will also come across terrible customer service, slow paperwork hassles and long negotiations.

Some downfalls to listing websites

Sell to 'we buy your car' websites

  1. Lowest price for your vehicle
  2. No chance for bargaining

Dubai has given birth to a new way to sell your car - the 'we buy your car for cash' website. These sites are great if you need to sell your car quick for cash. 

The trade-off is that you will likely get the LOWEST price in the market vs all other options.

Some downfalls to listing websites

Why not try sell your car at auction?

It's fast, easy, secure and you can get a great price for your vehicle. Plus we do all the work!

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Join us for our live car and vehicle auctions every Tuesday from 7PM at the Pioneer Auction showroom, located in Dubai, UAE





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Pioneer Auctions is more than just a vehicle auction house. Our services include property auctions, building and construction material auctions, large machinery, horses, jewels, charity and general materials.

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Pioneer Auctions, United Arab Emirate's Leading Auction House. Operating for many years in Dubai, we are today recognised by our customers for providing outstanding customer service and delivering on our promise of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Pioneer Auctions delivers comprehensive solutions that make Auctioneering more profitable and successful for all our customers, with physical auctions, Live online bidding, Internet bidding, logistics services, preparation of auction items and much more.


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